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We manage the task from pick-up to delivery and communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the peace of mind that your goods will arrive on time and in-tact.

Professional Advice

As market advocates, analysts, auditors and consultants in Logistics, PTM offers unique services to companies of all sized distribution requirements. Our professional team provides a range of distribution services, incorporating Audit/Review and Performance Measurement at Cost, Operations and Customer Service levels.

Our process begins with an analysis of your company’s logistics requirements as they apply to your business objectives. We provide our clients with the resources and tools necessary to better monitor, measure, manage and support the overall distribution process.

Based on the results of our analysis, PTM customises a program to meet your specific needs. This program will assist your company to make informed and objective decisions with respect to future logistics, distribution and strategic business planning arrangements. Experience tells us that businesses implementing the PTM program realise a reduction in operating costs along with freed up capital and resources, enabling the business to focus on core activities.

PTM offers your company an independent, unbiased approach to reviewing your Logistics and Distribution requirements.

Your One Stop Shop

We are your ‘Total Transport Management Solution – Your One Stop Shop’. By presenting the best service for each part of your freight; best road express; best line-haul, best same-day, and so on, we offer you a total transport solution that is your strongest possible option.

Buying Power

Individually, many of our accounts would struggle to attract better than reasonable rates from national carriers. But as the Freight Manager of those accounts, PTM negotiates collective rates from the same carriers that are highly competitive. That’s why we can not only make your company more efficient; like many of our clients, we can save you money.

Time/Resource Savings

You don’t need to chase freight around the country – that’s our job. If you become aware of a problem you call us once. When we want answers on your freight, we communicate at management level to solve issues – down to the depot floor if necessary. This enables your staff to focus on their own daily duties.

Single Invoice

No matter how many carriers we engage to take care of your freight needs, you only deal with one manager – PTM. This also applies to your account. We send you a single invoice, itemised by carrier, service type, origin and destination; simple and clear.


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